Last Christmas

lastchristmasFor as much as Christmas songs get you in the holiday mood, the cruel reality is that they are generally not good songs.  You have your classical standards, awful covers, and “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, which amounts to a casual rape admission.

But in 1984, a blue eyed crooner and his best buddy Andrew dropped a Christmas miracle for the world enjoy.  “Last Christmas” is a fantastically penned tune by the incomparable George Michael just as he started to harness his immense song writing talents.

“A face on a lover with a fire in his heart/A man under cover but you tore me apart/Now I’ve found a real love you’ll never fool me again”.

And let’s not forget about the gut wrenching video.

Nothing quite like going on a Christmas ski trip, only to find that your best mate and the other half of Wham! has taken the aforementioned she-devil as his woman and is openly flaunting her in your face.  The whole time you’re wondering what Andrew has that you don’t.  It’s not the hair.  Not the looks.  Definitely not the talent.  (Andrew reportedly was tasked with keeping up the Wham! image.  There is little evidence he did anything more than appear in videos.)

So you’ll sip some hot cocoa and stew in a corner.  Then you’ll slap “Last Christmas” on the A-Side single with “Everything She Wants” (top 10 all-time 80’s song) and begin a quick ascent towards pop domination.  Yeah, that will show ’em.