Discovering new music and unearthing older tracks is something I work on every single day.

From Spotify, to Apple Music, to my own personal collection, I am constantly on the lookout for music that I can incorporate into my sets.

If I’m feeling a song that’s in a scene on a TV show or a movie, I’m busting out Shazaam, tagging it and importing it into a Spotify playlist.

I could be in a restaurant or Trader Joe’s when something catches my ear. If I dig it, I’m taking note.

You might hear DJ’s brag about how their collection has 30,000 songs. So what? They aren’t going to play 30,000 songs on a night. And out of those 30,000, how many are actually worth spinning?

I’m looking for quality over quantity. Even if it’s not the most recognizable record, a good song is a good song. Ears don’t lie.

And that’s what keeps me on the hunt. All day. Everyday.